Types Of Skateboard

With the evolution of the board design over time, there are various types of skateboards. They include longboard, cruiser, mini-cruiser, carve, and double kick types. According to experts, the primary factors to consider before choosing are the intended use and the skater’s age or expertise. Each type has its distinguishing features like shape or size.

The longboards typically have a length of about 33 inches and above. They aren’t very portable for carrying around but are suitable for beginners. It has three types: cruiser longboard, pintail, and twin tip. Meanwhile, the cruiser boards are shorter and are therefore more portable. They’re also more comfortable maneuvering in tight curves or turns but aren’t suitable for tricks and beginners.

On the other hand, mini-cruisers are smaller sized cruiser boards. You can carry them conveniently, and they’re great for tricks but not for fast skating. Carve boards have a tilt in front that helps skaters generate their speed. They mimic surfing and snowboarding. Therefore, the double kick has a kicktail design and is the most suited for flips and tricks.

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