Is Skateboarding a Fitness Activity?

How good is skateboarding for a workout or an entrainment sport? As simple as it may look, it is a physically-intensive sport equivalent to rope skipping or spinning. Its advantage is the fact that it also serves as an entertainment activity. As you deal with physical fitness, you also handle the emotional well being.

Everyone wants to maintain a healthy weight and physically fit. Fitness is a vocabulary in any modern living in contemporary society. The digital lifestyle is a hindrance to physical fitness. Everything is available at ones to comfort to the point that fitness is a must-do activity; if not, there is a health lockdown coming your way. Laziness is a hindrance in any workout program. The consistency and commitment required in fitness is a challenge.

The million-dollar question is, what is the best workout activity for you? The moment you decide to engage in a workout activity. Should you have an objective for the workout?

Some of the reasons why people start a fitness journey include:

  • Recommendation from a health professional
  • Boost muscle strength and endurance
  • A regular supply of oxygen
  • Get good and better sleep
  • For the emotional well being
  • Improve cardiovascular system

The best physical workout depends on you. Our focus today is on skateboarding. If you are looking for a general body workout, then this should be your top list. With your protective gear, including the skating shoes, you are good to start. You can only do this if you have the right training and mentor to hold your hand. Otherwise, you can get a permanent injury that may affect your physical health throughout your life. The inexpensive sport gives you all the benefits you may need to form a workout. Here are some of the reasons it’s classified as a sport activity

  1. Burns excess calories

The pushing in the board and balancing your upper and lower limbs in a bid to have a balance in skating is not a walk in the park. It needs strength and energy which you use if you have excess calories in the body. At the end of it, you end up removing any extra calories, which are the main determinant for weight gain. What is the other objective you need to achieve in any fitness exercise?

  1. Develops key muscles

Are you looking for muscle and strength training exercise? If that is your objective, then it’s time to focus on the long hours of skating in a sloppy terrain to develop crucial body muscles.

The muscles involved include

  • Glutes
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Abs
  • Lower back
  1. Enhances body flexibility and cardiovascular stamina

The movement in the terrain in a definite and organized manner means your joints need to adapt to the new changes. That is what flexibility is all about. The soft tissues attached to the joints support arrange of motion which you perfect in skateboarding. Anything that promotes strengthening and stretching of the muscles come in handy to minimize injuries as well as promote quick healing in case of injury. The faster you heal during an injury is an indication of fitness; if not, you are physically unfit.

  1. Promotes coordination

As long as your muscles can detect the right muscle for a specific purpose, it means they are well coordinated. That only happens when you are in the proper physical health. When the body picks the wrong one that is when you have injuries. Skateboarding exercises all the muscles to ensure they all work at optimum levels.

  1. Supports cardiovascular stamina

If you can endure long hours of skateboarding without feeling fatigued, then you can even run a marathon and not feel anything. That is what fitness is all about. When unfit, you start humming immediately you start a physical exercise.

Skateboarding is a great activity this holiday; however, you need to incorporate other activities to take care of monotony in activities. You can also try ping pong, which is also a workout activity similar to skateboarding. A ping pong table comes in handy for such an exercise.

  1. Boosts one’s level of creativity

What is your drive to try other things in life? What is your hindrance to reaching higher heights? If you have managed to skate in both flat and rough terrains; you have made a few mistakes in the kate boarding journey and you are still on it enjoying its benefits; what else can’t you do in life.

Every skateboarding activity comes with its challenges. As long as you can manoeuvre then why not try other challenging workouts? That means even if you decide to engage in additional vigorous workout activity; you can still become the best in your own big or small way.

  1. Stabilization of muscles

There is something that drives you to go out for skating; if you are looking for the stability of the quadrupeds and triceps, then this is the best activity for you.

Have fun on the skateboard and enjoy not only the physical fitness benefits but also the emotional and social well being that comes with it.

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