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The History Of Skateboarding

Skateboarding, as an activity, wears various hats. That’s because it’s a recreational activity, a sport, and a mode of transportation, all in one. It involves riding a skateboard and doing various tricks in the process. As in other sports, it requires skill and practice to get to a certain level of expertise. It also involves different maneuvers and styles. Thus, people see it as a form of art and expression.

However, some worry about the danger of the sport. Nevertheless, taking the proper measures ensures safety while enjoying the thrill. Presently, it’s popular worldwide but has specific laws guiding it, especially regarding places where the activity is allowed. It hasn’t always been that way, and subsequently, we’ll briefly discuss its history.

Brief History of the Activity

Some people believe that some surfers started skateboarding to replicate their wave-riding experience on land. That’s why they call it sidewalk surfing or asphalt surfing. This activity started in the late 1940s to early 1950s in California and Hawaii’s famous surf areas. Thus, the first skateboards were skating wheels attached to wooden boards.

Eventually, a company produced more technically developed boards, which skaters adopted. Skateboarding then slowly gained recognition until around the mid-1960s when people started to see it as a sport. During that time, they published a magazine called “The Quarterly Skateboarder,” but it had no sustainable readership and didn’t last. However, other ones sprung up in the succeeding decades.

One thing that evolved constantly was the design of the skateboard. Over the years, the shape changed until the “kicktail” by Larry Stevenson. The aim was to increase the ease of maneuvers and provide a better ability to perform tricks. In the 1970s, the activity spread to Germany, where they eventually built the first skate park in Munich. Street skateboarding also came up during this time.

As popularity grew, it became possible to earn as a professional in this field. That resulted in the launching of various events surrounding the sport, just like baseball or soccer. There was also an increase in the branding of boards and other equipment. With the advent of the internet, it became even more famous and accepted worldwide. It may still be a hobby to some, but it’s bigger than that now.

Things to Know about Skating

Besides skateboards, various companies and brands provide other necessary items. One of the first skateboarding brands was Vans. Established in 1966, they specialized in footwear for this activity. Also, skateboarding was to debut in the Summer Olympics in 2020 but didn’t because of its cancellation.

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