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The Founder Daniel A. Stengel

Daniel A. Stengel is a skater; as if that is not enough, he is passionate about skating. He has over two decades of experience in this sport.

He coaches a team of skaters who participates in various tournaments and international skating competitions.

This was the beginning of the journey to start a blog to educate and empower the young, the middle age, and the old about skating.

Our team of writers shares the same vision and goal as the founder. We aren’t selfish in our content creation; we involve you, our reader, to ensure that we are relevant in our content.

What do you want to hear from us? We are flexible enough to ensure that we listen to your desire and provide that content to educate you and give you all you need when skating.


It is our goal to sensitize the globe on the benefits of this sport. We engage with like-minded individuals to ensure you have all the information about skating.

We demystify all the myths and traditions that surround this sport. We give you factual and reliable information ideal for professionals and novices who want to learn and take these sporting activities to another level.

We go a step further to educate the parents who may want their children to enjoy the benefits of skating.

We give you tips and tricks on what to do to make sure you have a professional skater in your home.

Professionals have a lot to learn from his blog. We engage other skating expertise to hold your hand to reach their level.

We want to create awareness about his game for the overall physical health of our subscribers.


We want to see many people engaging in skating globally. We stand in the gap to address the challenges that may hinder our mission.

We go a step further to train upcoming skaters as well as anyone who might be interested.

We understand the trainers’ limitations and engage them in high-level training to sharpen their skills to disseminate the skills to beginners in the skating world.

Our indicator of achievement is a skating nation. We want to have more and more people benefit from this game’s health benefits to minimize some of the lifestyle diseases associated with sedentary life.


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