3 Dildos Every Woman Should Try: A Guide to Enhancing Your Pleasure of 2024

Best dildos 2023: the ultimate guide

If all dildos were the same – it would be boring! Sex toys were created to have fun. Right? But how to choose the best option? Or the most suitable for you personally. We, as experienced users, will share our humble opinion. In this article, we provide a full review of the top 5 models of dildos 2023.

Invented a huge number of varieties of plastic dicks. Some models are more successful than others. Although everything is subjective.

How to choose among the whole variety of your ideal sex toy? Professionals in the field of entertainment have come up with a kind of classification.

The perfect cock must meet all the criteria.

In order not to spend money in vain, trust the opinion of professionals. But do not forget to listen to personal feelings. Let’s go!

Best dildo models for sophisticated usersManufacturers invent new shapes and sizes, test a variety of materials Choose most popular dildo for yourself and yor couple

Types of used materials

Silicone Dildos

It is one of the most well-known materials by virtue of its safety and convenience.

Want to get a gentle touch on the skin and realistic sensations? Then this type of phallus is for you. In addition, they quickly take body temperature.

The design of models is very different, including the whole range of colors. With regard to hygiene, each manufacturer indicates in the instructions on how to properly wash and store a sex toy.

Latex models

This material is the number one in the production of toys for adults. Latex dildos and other devices have become a fetish of many people.

Latex is also loved by everyone because it is cheaper and comes in various colors. This material is harder and gives a tougher feel.

Jelly toys for women

Jelly toys are popular for their durability and flexibility. The feeling is a bit soft and they look elegant. Among them are aromatic models. They have become favorites of people who do not like the smell of silicone or rubber.

Different colors are available, they heat up quickly and are easy to insert.

Genuine Leather

This is another popular material. Toys from it are often made by hand. They can be rough or smooth depending on the skin used.

Of course, such models are among the most expensive.

Cyberskin or realistic dildos

This is one of the most recent advances in adult toys. It offers the user a feeling as close as possible to realistic skin. You no longer need a real boyfriend. The material is soft, smooth and flexible, but hard.

Fortunately for modern people, there are still many options to choose from. How about double ended or hands-free models with a suction cup?

Glass Dildos

Shock resistant glass is gaining popularity every year. Why? Thanks to the super smooth surface.

Such sensations are not guaranteed by any other available material.

What about other benefits? Such dildos can be of any color and shape. If you want, you will be handed out manually the only copy of the dildo in the world for you on an individual order! Such a thing can be considered a work of art.

Be sure to buy such a pecker from a reputable brand or company. So, you will avoid injuries from splinters and rough edges. Some models have a built-in backlight. It looks like a Jedi sword in your bedroom!

Acrylic items

This is another type of “artwork”. If you need unique cocks or toys, such as an icicle, a drop of rain or a princess, acrylic type will suit you. They imitate any form. Some models can be put on the shelf next to other figurines. No one will notice the difference.

The disadvantage is that it does not bend, because it is a solid material, and it takes time to warm up to body temperature. But, given the strength, do not be afraid to drop such a toy! It doesn’t even get scratched. In addition, it is possible, the most unpretentious “figurines” in the care.

Top sales best dildos

Although a usual dildo does not look exactly like a real male organ, it is constructively suited for vagina or anal holes.

Most phallus sex toys are equally suited for boys and girls.

Although there are, of course, gender models. In addition to a huge selection of colors, shapes, diameters and other decorations, a good toy should be easy to clean. Why do you need a dildo that is inconvenient to wash and store?

If you use a phallus for partner games, it should be equally liked by both. Of course, most use such toys for masturbation. But what about diversity? Some indulge in a dildo, for example, during oral sex. The main thing is that the toy satisfies all the needs.

The dynamics of sales shows that the best dildo is simple models, but with a twist. Although, of course, all the benefits are very conditional. When it comes to pleasure, an individual approach is important.

To enjoy the new toy, consider these characteristics

The size

This is clearly not the most important indicator. But still.

If you are used to standard sizes, a dildo longer than 10 inches will seem too large.

In addition, not all models can dive into the body at full length. In many cases, there are limiters, for example, in the form of a scrotum. The market for adult toys also includes sizes for professionals – more than 20 inches. But this is more of an exception.

What about the diameter? The classic version is 1 inch or so. Of course, you can expand your range. For lovers of strong tension fit girth of 2-3 inches. Just do not forget about the lubricant!

The Shape

Much depends on the form, and most importantly, your feelings. Many people use a dildo to train muscles. For such purposes, the shape of the cone or the presence of a ribbed surface is excellent.

The straight dildo works according to the classical pushes scheme. It equally affects the entire inner surface of the holes.

The curved shape is used for intensive stimulation of the G point, the clitoris, the perineum. Most often, these sex toys are smaller and better adapted to the natural curves of the body.

Rings, spirals, bumps, various tips decorate intimate toys. But all these details are not just for beauty.

Each design is designed based on customer feedback and market analysis.

TIP: One dildo can combine both of these functions. And also have additional processes or bulges.


While peckers come in different shapes and sizes, they also have features that set them apart from the competition. Despite the similar appearance, most of them are designed differently.

Many dildos in addition to the unique shape have a specific texture and details that make them ideal for different users. For example, ribbed or studded toys provide stronger stimulation, while smoothly textured cocks are designed for simple jogging and pulling motions.

The knowledge of what each dildo is intended for will provide the maximum return from the spent means.

And although standard dicks usually do not offer vibrations, there are some models that can do this. Most of these items also have different modes of vibration, as well as realistic bumps, shafts, and balls, to make the impression as real as possible (or surreal).

Many sex toys very quickly take the temperature of the human body. This makes them very comfortable to use. Want to play around without hands?

Dildos with suckers at your service. Prefer to play together with a partner? Try double sided dildos! They are straight and curved, absolutely any size.

TIP: Do you want to have fun with your dildo in the bathroom? Then take care of buying a waterproof model. This is especially true of the phallus with a vibrating mechanism.

A little more about the materials

Not every material is suitable for making dildos. Coarse rubber is almost never used in production. And although the options are relatively few, each of them gives you a completely different feeling. Before you decide to buy any model, think about what kind of experience you want to get.

For beginners, the best choice would be a silicone cock. This material does not have rough seams, is absolutely safe and does not cause allergies.

Silicone is also very plastic. You can meet any shapes and details: bumps, suckers, built-in vibrating mechanisms.

Want to take a chance? Try the glass dildo! Of course, he is not dangerous. But at the same time will be able to give a variety of sensations. And of course, they will be tougher than with a silicone toy!

Using glass sex toys, you can play with the temperature. Immerse the product in cold or hot water for a couple of minutes and ready.

And a nice bonus – glass dicks are very easy to wash, dry and store. Inside the glass dildo often put color or shiny patterns, LED elements.

Do not forget about the style!

The longest you will serve metal cock. They will provide the toughest impact. In this case, the realism of both appearance and stimulation can be forgotten. Metal models very quickly take the desired temperature. Most of these toys have a vibrating mechanism on batteries.

TIP: Use only a specially designed lubricant for toys of each type of material. It is especially easy to damage soft silicone or latex models using improper cosmetics.

Gender appointment

Be sure to consider for what purpose you buy a toy. Female vaginal dildos are usually larger and more difficult to remove from the holes. Anal or male models are designed in a special way, they are easy to extract. No need to change these toys in places. It is better to purchase both in advance.

Double ended cock

Experience stunning orgasms like never before, with a vibrating dildo designed with realistic details, this double dildo will give you maximum and intimate pleasure.

  • Double penetration means double pleasure!
  • A vaginal and anal stimulating toy that delivers amazing sensations and orgasm.
  • Realistic dick design for more intimate sensations.
  • High-speed vibration provides additional stimulation. Thanks to this you get an extraordinary feeling.
  • This model of the dildo has a very natural design. All the smallest details, every bulge, and vein are thought out.
  • Heavy-duty suction cup attached to the end for hands-free fun.
  • Can be used with compatible hanging straps.
  • Not everyone can decide on such an experiment.

Dildo with a suction cup base

Why do we need suction cup dildos? They allow you to free your hands for other caresses. Moreover, such toys greatly expand the choice of poses.

The base of the dildo on the strong suction cup is easily glued to any hard surface.

You will fit a wall, tabletop, floor, shower. Among these dicks are completely different models. We propose to consider the classic version. But you can think about the vibrating function or an unusual form.

  • Functionality. Masturbation with such kind of dildo involves the use of a poses’ variety. Choosing a suitable position, you should just fix the toy at a certain level.
  • Natural posture. Playing with a dildo with a suction cup, each woman can move on a toy as freely as possible. By controlling the artificial phallus with the help of hands, the woman’s body ceases to be flexible, as a result of which she can’t even bend her back. Using a strong suction cup is very convenient in the implementation of the popular position “Doggie-style”, which brings maximum pleasure in the case when the woman’s back arched.
  • Extra fun. Hands-free expand the range of obtaining pleasure possibilities during such masturbation. You can stimulate the clitoris with your fingers or use other sex toys in the process of self-satisfaction.
  • Maximum realism. Dildos with suction cup are very similar to the man’s natural sexual organ, right up to the bulging veins on the surface of the toy. Especially high-quality artificial phalluses are made from cyber-skin, which is very similar to natural material.
  • The perception of the partner. It is not always possible during masturbation to imagine a real person on the site of a soulless device. Comfortable use of toys for women makes this illusion as close as possible to reality.
  • It is necessary to properly fix the suction cup. Otherwise, you risk distracting from the process at the most inopportune moment.

Acrylic G spot dildo

If someone wants to begin his assemblage with something unusual, he should pay attention to this collection.

This dildo is made of acrylic and has several texture levels to enhance pleasure and sensation.

  • It can be used for single or doubles. For G point stimulation both ends of the toy are suitable. For a variety of sensations, use them one by one! Both ends of the toy give different sensations. This is achieved thanks to the different shape of the tips. On the one hand, the toy ends with a small bead, on the other hand, a large cone is placed.
  • Since it is made of acrylic, it is not soft and flexible. The toy is easy to wash. This is great because it means that you will play with this toy longer than others.
  • The toy is very convenient to heat or cool using water of different temperatures. Before use, check the toy to know that it is not very hot.
  • This toy looks little like a real dick.

Inflatable Dildos

To get an extraordinary sensation, came up with a vibration. But in this model is used just a squeeze pump. How does it work? The pneumatic system fills the inner chamber with air and the penis is getting bigger.

And the dildo grows both in length and in width.

A penis that can grow and expand like this imperial dildo with a suction cup base is not something you find in nature. The material can stretch almost infinitely.

  • A huge variety of options for using just one toy.
  • Do not overdo it with the size!

Inside vaginal camera dildo

As voyeurism becomes a popular fetish in the technical age, inside images of the vagina are a new opportunity.

Dildo cameras are now available to the general public, allowing couples to view images in the vagina. They come with a small camera lens in a dildo to get photos.

  • In some models, a vibrator is even attached to the camera to stimulate the clitoris when you roll the film inside.
  • Only recently, these vaginal cameras were quite expensive even for professionals, but now each pair may get them.
  • The video is available in digital format on any computer or smartphone.
  • You can make videos from inside vaginal photos and create your own images for personal use. Or for a website, if you like such things.
  • If to pry is not your fetish, such a function will seem to you superfluous.

Where to begin?

3 super-realistic models to choose from.

Tantus’s Uncut number 1 is an incredibly realistic uncut prong dildo

This model is one of the best-selling Dual Density lines.

  • The outer layer is Super Soft made from Ultra-Premium grade silicone.
  • Handmade toys.
  • Recreated detailed skin texture: wrinkles, veins, foreskin.
  • Can be used with belts.
  • Boilable and dishwasher safe.
  • It is necessary to wash the toy very carefully every time. Lubrication may remain between the folds.
  • Not suction cup compatible.

King Cock Ultra

It is a realistic girthy suction cup dildo. Be careful! King size.

This toy in girth is 1,5 times more than standard models.

  • Ultra realistic design. Cropped model with manual skin detail.
  • The toy is compatible with straps.
  • Strong suction cap.
  • Submersible dildo.
  • To someone, it may seem too big.

Bust It Ejaculating Vac-U-Lock Dildo

Do you fantasize about playing with sperm? This toy is what you need! Mix edible concentrate (aqua, dimethicone, propylene glycol, dimethicone, xanthan gum, hydroxyethylcellulose, colloidal silver).

Then pour it into the hand pump. And that’s it! Ejaculating dick at your service.

  • Incredibly realistic sensations and design.
  • It has testicles.
  • Strong suction cup.
  • Compatible with belts.
  • You can take it with you to the shower. The toy is waterproof.
  • Flexible material with a removable solid insert.
  • A thickness of 3 inches may seem large.


The choice is always yours! In any case, you can start with something simpler. And then, over time, move to the best dildo models for more sophisticated users!

In addition, we all appreciate diversity. So, why not to complete a collection of toys that bring pleasure?

Manufacturers invent new shapes and sizes, test a variety of materials.

Next year, we will prepare a new best dildo review for thrill-seekers!

The best dildos of 2023

As technology advances, the quality and selection of dildos available on the market continue to improve. Whether you are looking for a realistic or fantasy experience, there is something out there to suit every taste. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best dildos of 2023!

When selecting a dildo, consider what type of sensation you want—do you prefer texture? Vibration? A particular shape or size? Once you have an idea about your preferences, take a look at some of our top picks.

For those who prefer a more realistic experience, we recommend the Fleshlight Real Feel Super Skin Dildo. This model features lifelike skin and veins that provide an incredibly realistic sensation.

It also has two different vibration settings that add extra stimulation during use.

The suction cup base makes it easy to attach to any flat surface for hands-free playtime!

If you’re looking for something with more girth, check out the Doc Johnson Big Man Dildo. This massive toy measures in at 10 inches long and 8 inches wide—perfect for those who like their toys big and bold! The soft silicone material means you won’t run into any uncomfortable friction during use either.

For those seeking something unique yet still satisfyingly stimulating, try the B Swish Bgood Deluxe Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator . This vibrating dildo uses 7 different speeds and patterns to give users all sorts of new sensations—it’s sure to please even the most experienced sex toy enthusiast! Plus, since it’s rechargeable via USB cord, you don’t need to worry about replacing batteries anytime soon.

Finally, if you’re looking for something even wilder than usual then try out the King Cock Strap On Harness Set with 8″ Double Penetrating Dong! This set comes with two 8” double penetrating dongs so that both partners can get involved in some hot strap-on action together! With its adjustable straps and comfortable design it’s perfect for adventurous couples seeking a truly unique experience together.

No matter what type of pleasure experience you’re after—realistic or fantasy—there is sure to be a high-quality dildo out there that meets your needs. We hope our list has helped narrow down your search so that all that’s left is finding your perfect match from amongst these best dildos of 2023!

The Fun Factory Stronic Real – Best Dildo For Women Overall

The Fun Factory Stronic Real is a premium dildo designed to provide women with intense, targeted stimulation. It is made from a high-grade silicone that is soft and smooth to the touch, yet firm enough to provide maximum pleasure. The ergonomic shape of the Stronic Real makes it easy to use and control, so you can focus on enjoying the sensation!

It features two powerful motors located at either end that provide deep and powerful vibrations, allowing you to customize your experience with multiple speeds and patterns.

The curved design also helps target sensitive areas like the G-spot for more intense pleasure.

Whether you’re looking for a little extra spice during solo play or looking to add some intensity during partnered sex, the Fun Factory Stronic Real is an ideal choice for those seeking a premium dildo experience.

King Cock Ultra Realistic Girthy Suction Cup Dildo

When you want to experience intense pleasure and satisfaction with a dildo that’s as close to the real thing as possible, the King Cock Ultra Realistic Girthy Suction Cup Dildo is an ideal choice. With its incredibly lifelike feel and appearance, it looks and feels just like a real penis – only bigger! This ultra-realistic dildo is made from phthalate-free material for your safety, so you can enjoy a worry-free experience. The textured shaft helps to increase stimulation while the suction cup base allows you to attach this dildo to any flat surface for hands-free fun. For even more intense stimulation, experiment with different temperatures by heating or cooling this dildo before use. With its realistic girth and shape, this dildo will help you explore new depths of sensual pleasure. Whether you’re looking for solo satisfaction or shared pleasure with a partner, the King Cock Ultra Realistic Girthy Suction Cup Dildo is sure to hit all the right spots!

The Vixen Johnny VixSkin Realistic 7-Inch Dong best dildo

If you’re looking for a truly realistic experience with your dildo, then the Vixen Johnny VixSkin Realistic 7-Inch Dong is definitely worth considering. Its lifelike shape and feel make it a pleasure to use and its size ensures that it can reach all the right spots.

The VixSkin range from Vixen Creations has been designed to provide a more realistic experience than traditional dildos and this particular model does not disappoint. It is made from 100% platinum silicone which gives it an incredibly soft and flexible feel. This means that it will move with your body as you explore different angles and depths, providing a much more enjoyable experience than stiffer materials.

The design of the dildo also means that it remains firm enough to provide good stimulation even when used at deeper depths or with harder thrusts.

The head has been crafted to look incredibly lifelike, adding to the realism of the experience while also giving added sensation when used against the G-spot or prostate gland.

The 7-inch length of this dildo makes it perfect for those who are seeking something larger but still manageable. It is ideal for both vaginal and anal exploration, although we would always recommend using plenty of lubricant regardless of which type of play you are engaging in!

Overall, if you are looking for an ultra-realistic dildo then the Vixen Johnny VixSkin Realistic 7-Inch Dong is definitely worth considering. Its size ensures that it can reach all your pleasure points while its lifelike shape provides incredible sensations throughout your session!

The Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Vibrating Dildo For Women – Best Luxury Dildo

When it comes to sex toys, there is no better way to get the most bang for your buck than with the Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Vibrating Dildo. This luxurious and powerful vibrator is designed with women in mind, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a premium experience.

The Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Vibrating Dildo features a unique shape which allows for incredibly intense stimulation of all areas of the body. Its curved head and flattened tip provide direct and targeted pleasure while its smooth silicone surface ensures that you get maximum pleasure from every stroke. With seven vibration intensity levels, you can find just the right amount of power to suit your needs each time you use it.

This incredible vibrator also offers different speeds which can be changed via its easy-to-use control panel on the base or via its wireless remote control. This means you can adjust the pacing to match your rhythm as well as switch between functions swiftly and easily without having to constantly stop and start again.

The Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Vibrating Dildo isn’t just about performance though—it looks great too!

Its sleek black design gives it a modern look while its gold detailing adds a touch of luxury.

Plus, this dildo is completely waterproof so you can take your pleasure in the bath or shower with complete peace of mind.

If you’re looking for an exquisite toy that combines luxury with performance then look no further than the Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Vibrating Dildo For Women – Best Luxury Dildo! With its sophisticated design, powerful vibrations and superior quality materials, this dildo will revolutionize your bedroom experiences like never before!

The Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl – Thrusting Rabbit Dildo

This sex toy is a must-have item for any Fifty Shades of Grey fan. Not only does it look just like the infamous Greedy Girl rabbit vibrator featured in the books, but it also offers powerful dual stimulation for an unforgettable orgasmic experience. It has two motors – one in the shaft and one in the clitoral arm – that provide intense vibration and thrusting sensations to your G-spot and clitoris respectively. With 12 unique vibration settings to choose from, you can customize your pleasure as you please.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Thrusting Rabbit Dildo is made with body-safe silicone, so you can be sure that it’s safe for use on sensitive areas. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold during playtime and its USB rechargeable battery will keep your sex toy going all night long! Plus, its waterproof design means that you can take this dildo into the bath or shower for some extra wet fun!

If you’re looking for a high quality vibrator that looks just like Christian Grey’s favorite toy then this is definitely the one for you! Enjoy thrilling pleasure whenever you feel like it – with its powerful vibrations and thrusting capabilities, this dildo will become your new best friend!

The Electra Stim Bi-Polar ElectroSex – Wave Metal Dildo

What do you get when you combine the pleasurable sensations of electrosex with the thrilling feeling of a metal dildo? The answer is the Electra Stim Bi-Polar ElectroSex – Wave Metal Dildo.

This unique sex toy combines the pleasure of electrosex with a uniquely designed metal dildo.

This combination creates an experience unlike any other, as the electrical currents from your electrostimulator pulse through your body and straight to your erogenous zones.

The wave design of this particular model amplifies sensation and provides even more pleasure than regular metal dildos, making it perfect for those looking to explore new heights of pleasure.

Not only does this toy provide an incredibly pleasurable experience, but it’s also incredibly easy to use. Simply attach one end of the wire to your electrostimulator and insert the other end into the base of the dildo. From there, you can control exactly how much electricity you want flowing through your body by adjusting either the intensity or frequency settings on your stimulator device. You can even add additional accessories such as anal plugs or nipple clamps to expand your experience even further!

The Electra Stim Bi-Polar ElectroSex – Wave Metal Dildo is sure to be a hit among those looking for something new and exciting in their bedroom adventures! With its unique wave design, adjustable settings, and versatility with other accessories, it’s sure to provide hours upon hours of pleasure that will keep you coming back for more!

The Vixen Mustang Realistic – Suction Cup Dildo For Women

When it comes to pleasure and satisfaction, the Vixen Mustang Realistic Suction Cup Dildo is a must-have for any woman. This ultra-realistic dildo has been carefully crafted to provide maximum pleasure for all women, no matter their size or preferences. The 6 inch length provides ample stimulation of your innermost erogenous zones, while the flared base ensures easy insertion and removal.

The suction cup base offers hands-free solo play and convenient use in almost any position. With just a press of the button, you can secure this dildo to any flat surface for an unforgettable experience. It’s also waterproof, so you can take your pleasure into the shower or bathtub with ease!

The fine details on this dildo are what truly make it stand out from other models.

Its realistic design features veins and bumps that mimic those found on a real penis, plus the soft outer skin feels incredibly lifelike against your body.

And thanks to its curved shape and firm yet flexible material, it hits all of your sweet spots every time you use it!

Whether you’re looking to explore new pleasures alone or with a partner, the Vixen Mustang Realistic Suction Cup Dildo is an excellent choice for all kinds of fun. With its realistic design and versatile features, this dildo has everything you need for an unforgettable session that will leave you wanting more!

Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Create Your Own Penis Molding Kit: Best Dildo Molding Kit

When it comes to sex toys, few are more unique than the Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Create Your Own Penis Molding Kit. This kit allows you to make a vibrating replica of your own penis! It’s an incredibly fun way to explore new sensations and create something special for yourself or your partner. Here’s how the kit works:

The kit comes with everything you need: a tube of medical grade silicone, two bottles of liquid rubber material, a vibrator motor (which can be used independently), and easy-to-follow instructions. First, you mix the two liquids together and pour them into the molding tube. Then you insert your penis into the molding tube and let it set for around 30 minutes. Once it is hardened, simply remove your penis from the mold and add the vibrator motor before closing up the mold with more liquid silicone.

Once completed, you will have a perfectly detailed dildo that replicates every detail of your own body – including veins, bumps, ridges – that can be enjoyed during solo play or shared with someone special! Plus, because it is made from medical grade materials it is safe for both anal and vaginal use. The Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Create Your Own Penis Molding Kit is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add some unique spice to their sex life!

Lifelike Lover Realistic Strap-On: Best Posable Strapless Dildo

When you’re looking for the ultimate in pleasure and satisfaction, look no further than the Lifelike Lover Realistic Strap-On. This posable strapless dildo is designed to provide a realistic sensation with every thrust.

The lifelike material allows it to move and flex with your body, providing an incredibly comfortable experience.

The silicone construction also ensures that it’s safe and easy to clean, as well as being durable enough to last through multiple uses.

With its flexible design, you can easily adjust the angle of penetration for maximum stimulation and even add additional attachments for even more pleasure. Whether you’re new to strap-ons or an experienced user, this toy is sure to make any bedroom session one that won’t soon be forgotten!

Si Novelties Penis Butt Plug 5 Inch: Best Penis for Rare Pleasure

The Si Novelties Penis Butt Plug is an incredible toy for those seeking an unusual, yet pleasurable experience. The 5 inch plug is made of high quality silicone and features a smooth, tapered design that makes it easy to insert and comfortable to wear. The penis shaped head provides a unique sensation during insertion and the flared base ensures safe removal. This plug can be used alone or as part of a more adventurous sex session!

The Si Novelties Penis Butt Plug is ideal for those looking to explore new sensations in their intimate playtime. The plug’s shape allows it to comfortably fit within the anal opening, providing a unique texture and pressure against the walls of the anus. Its size is perfect for beginners, allowing them to slowly work up to larger sizes if desired. For experienced users, its size ensures maximum pleasure without being too large or uncomfortable.

For those looking for some extra stimulation with their playtime, this plug also features a hollow interior that can accommodate an additional vibrator (not included). This allows for even more creative possibilities when exploring pleasure.

Overall, the Si Novelties Penis Butt Plug is an excellent choice for those seeking something different in their sex life. With its comfortable shape, high quality silicone material and ability to accommodate additional toys – this plug has everything you need to experience rare pleasure!

Pipedream King Cock Strap-On Harness w/ 7\” Cock: Best Medium-Size Strap On

Are you looking for the perfect medium-sized strap on that can fulfill all of your wildest needs? Then look no further than Pipedream King Cock Strap-On Harness w/ 7″ Cock. This harness is made from durable, high quality materials and features a soft, comfortable fit for extended play and pleasure.

The 7″ cock is made from realistic phthalate-free PVC and feels just like the real thing – with a slight curve to hit all the right spots!

Plus, it’s hollow inside so you can add your favorite vibrator or dildo to make things even more exciting.

The adjustable straps ensure a secure fit while providing maximum pleasure during use. For those who want a bit of extra stimulation, the harness also has an attached pocket that’s perfect for adding a bullet vibe or other small toy. Whether you’re looking to spice up your playtime or just try something new, this strap on is sure to please!

Hoodlum Tapered 22 Inch: Best Double Ended Dildo

The Hoodlum Tapered 22 Inch Double Ended Dildo is a unique and innovative sex toy that offers users an incredibly pleasurable experience. This double-ended dildo features two bulbous ends of different sizes, giving users the option to choose which one they prefer. The larger end is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and reaches a total length of 22 inches while the smaller end is around 1 inch in diameter and reaches a total length of 18 inches. Both ends are made from body-safe silicone, making them comfortable and safe to use.

The Hoodlum Tapered 22 Inch Double Ended Dildo has been cleverly designed so that it can be used with multiple partners at once or by yourself for solo pleasure sessions. Its two bulbous ends offer various levels of intensity depending on how you angle it during use so you can experiment with different positions to find the best sensation for you. Furthermore, its tapered design helps to provide a more natural feeling when thrusting and ensures that there’s minimal friction between your skin and the toy itself, allowing for an enjoyable experience each time.

Overall, the Hoodlum Tapered 22 Inch Double Ended Dildo is perfect for couples looking for something new or experienced users who want to explore their own pleasure capabilities further. It’s sleek design makes it easy to store away after use while its body-safe material ensures peace of mind no matter what position you’re experimenting with. Whether you’re looking for a way to add some spice into your relationship or simply want to explore your own desires, this double ended dildo has all the features necessary to make sure you have an incredible time every time!


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Q: How do I start a blog?

A: Starting a blog is relatively easy and costs very little money. You will need to choose your domain name (the URL you type into your browser), select hosting services (the company that stores your website) and install blogging software (WordPress being one of the most popular). Designing your blog can be done with free templates available online or through services like Squarespace or Wix. Once set up, you can begin writing content for your blog and sharing it with others!

What is the best dildo for me?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you might think. When it comes to choosing the best dildo for you, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. First and foremost, it’s important to take your personal preferences and needs into account. Do you prefer a realistic or abstract design? Are you looking for something with extra texture or vibration? And do you want something that can be used solo or with a partner?

Once you’ve determined what type of dildo appeals most to your desires and needs, the next step is finding one that fits your body properly.

It’s essential that the dildo has an appropriate size and shape for your anatomy, so make sure to factor in both length and girth when shopping around.

Additionally, materials like silicone, jelly rubber, glass and stainless steel all offer different sensations — from smooth and gentle to intense — so consider which material would be best suited for your intimate experience.

Finally, don’t forget about safety! Make sure that any toy you purchase is made from non-porous materials such as silicone or stainless steel. This will help ensure that no bacteria gets trapped inside the toy during use. Also keep in mind that water-based lubricants should always be used during playtime; oil-based lubricants can damage many types of toys over time.

All in all, finding the perfect dildo isn’t always easy but by researching various options and taking into account your personal preference and anatomy it is possible to find one that meets all of your needs!

What materials are dildos made of?

Dildos have been around for thousands of years, and the materials used to make them have evolved over time. From early stone versions to the modern silicone models, there are now a variety of materials available when it comes to choosing a dildo.

The most common material used in dildos today is silicone which is non-porous, hypoallergenic and incredibly durable. It can be boiled or put through the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning. Silicone also has a softer texture compared to other materials like plastic or rubber, making it more comfortable for use during sexual activities.

Glass dildos are becoming increasingly popular due to their aesthetic appeal and versatility. They come in many shapes and sizes and can be heated or cooled for added pleasure during use. However, glass dildos must be handled with care as they can break easily if dropped on a hard surface.

Plastic is another common material used in the manufacture of dildos because it’s inexpensive, durable and easy to clean. Plastic is also non-porous so bacteria won’t get trapped inside like it could with porous materials such as jelly rubber or latex. While plastic has its advantages, it doesn’t offer much flexibility which can make using it uncomfortable at times.

Jelly rubber is another popular material that’s used in the production of dildos because of its pliable yet firm feel.

It’s affordable compared to other materials but should only be used with water-based lubricants as oils and petroleum products may degrade the material over time.

Jelly rubber also contains chemicals that some people may find irritating so it should always be tested on a small area before use.

Finally, high-end luxury dildos are often made from metal such as stainless steel or aluminum which are both incredibly strong and durable materials that won’t break down over time like some other types of materials might do. Metal offers a unique sensation when heated or cooled which can add an extra level of excitement during sexual activities but these types of toys should always be checked for scratches before use as any tiny imperfections could cause pain instead of pleasure!

What is the difference between a dildo and a vibrator?

This is a question that comes up frequently, and it’s easy to understand why. After all, both products are designed to enhance sexual pleasure and they look quite similar. However, there are some key differences between dildos and vibrators that should be considered before making a purchase.

A dildo is a non-vibrating sex toy that is often made of silicone or rubber. It does not have any moving parts and is designed for penetration during solo or partner play. Dildos come in many shapes and sizes, from realistic replicas of the male anatomy to curved designs specifically created for G-spot stimulation.

On the other hand, a vibrator is an electrically powered device that produces vibrations by spinning an off-centered weight inside its motor housing. Vibrators can be used alone or with a partner and come in many varieties such as bullets, rabbits, wands and more. They can be used for external stimulation as well as internal penetration depending on the shape of the device.

In conclusion, while dildos and vibrators both serve the same purpose – to provide sexual pleasure – they are different products altogether. When choosing between them, it’s important to consider your individual needs when selecting the right product for you!

What are the advantages of using a silicone dildo?

Silicone dildos have become increasingly popular in recent years, due to their ability to offer superior pleasure and satisfaction. Silicone is an incredibly versatile material which can be used for a range of different types of toys, from vibrators to dildos. This means that silicone dildos come in all shapes and sizes, making them ideal for people who like to experiment and explore with different sensations during sex.

The most obvious advantage of using a silicone dildo is the fact that it’s non-porous, meaning that it won’t harbour bacteria or other germs like some other materials may do.

This makes them incredibly safe to use, as you don’t have to worry about any nasty surprises!

They are also very easy to clean too; simply wash with soap and warm water after each use.

Another great benefit of using a silicone dildo is its durability. Unlike other materials such as jelly or rubber which can degrade over time and become sticky or tacky, silicone will stay soft and supple no matter how many times you use it – making your experience even more enjoyable every time. It’s also hypoallergenic so there’s no risk of irritation if you’re sensitive to certain materials.

Finally, they are an incredibly affordable option compared to other types of toys on the market – especially when you consider just how long they last! If you’re looking for a quality toy at an affordable price then look no further than the wonderful world of silicone dildos; your pleasure is guaranteed!

How do I choose the right dildo shape for me?

Choosing the right dildo shape for you can be a daunting task. With so many shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from, it can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, with a little research and understanding of your own body and needs, you can make an informed decision that will bring you pleasure for years to come.

First, consider what kind of stimulation you prefer. Do you like pressure on your G-spot or prostate? Do you enjoy internal massage or shallow penetration? Knowing what kind of stimulation works best for your body is key when selecting the right dildo shape.

Once you know where and how you want to be stimulated, think about the size that would suit your body best. Most people find silicone dildos more comfortable than harder materials such as glass or metal because they’re softer and less likely to cause discomfort during insertion or thrusting. Consider length too; if it’s too long it may not reach the area that needs stimulating properly.

Shape also plays an important role in selecting a dildo – different shapes offer different experiences. Curved shapes are great for hitting those hard-to-reach spots like the G-spot or prostate while bulbous heads are perfect for those who enjoy shallow penetration and intense pressure on their walls during thrusting motions. Textured designs provide extra sensation with ridges and bumps during insertion and withdrawal which can heighten pleasure even further.

It’s also worth taking material into account when shopping for a new toy as this affects both comfort level and pleasure potential – some materials retain heat better than others meaning they stay warm longer while some are better at carrying vibrations depending on your preference.

Silicone is typically considered one of the safest materials available as it doesn’t contain any phthalates or toxins which makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies to certain substances.

Finally, don’t forget to factor in hygiene when making your decision; boilable toys are easy to clean by placing them in boiling water for a few minutes whereas other materials require specific cleaning solutions so make sure to read up beforehand!

In conclusion, there is no one “right” dildo shape – everyone’s preferences vary from individual to individual so it’s important to take all factors into consideration before making a purchase! Make sure to do some research beforehand so that you can find the perfect toy that fits your needs perfectly!

How do I use a dildo with a strap-on harness?

Using a dildo with a strap-on harness is an exciting and pleasurable way to experience new sexual sensations. With the right knowledge and equipment, it can be an incredibly enjoyable experience for both partners.

The first step in using a strap-on harness with a dildo is to make sure you have the right equipment. You will need: a strap-on harness, a compatible dildo, water-based lubricant and condoms (if desired). It’s important to make sure that the straps on the harness fit securely around your body in order to ensure stability while thrusting. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that the dildo you choose is compatible with your harness of choice.

Once you have the appropriate materials, you can begin prepping for playtime! The next step is putting lube onto the shaft of your dildo. This will allow for smoother insertion into either yourself or your partner’s body. It’s also essential for comfort during penetration as well as helping to prevent any possible irritation or discomfort that may arise without it.

Now that everything is ready, you can move onto positioning yourself and your partner comfortably before beginning playtime activities!

If using a strap-on with another partner, communication is key; set boundaries so everyone feels comfortable and discuss what kinds of movements feel good or not so great during sex.

Additionally, it’s important to go slow at first when inserting the dildo into either yourself or your partner – this will help increase pleasure while minimizing any potential discomfort associated with anal or vaginal penetration depending on what kind of sex acts are being performed.

Finally, once everything is all set up and ready to go – get creative! Experimenting with different speeds and motions can help increase pleasure further still – just remember safety first! Use condoms if necessary and keep lube handy in case things start getting too dry down there!

Strap-on play doesn’t have to be intimidating – by following these simple steps you can enjoy exploring new sexual sensations with ease! With some preparation beforehand and communication throughout sex play time should be an incredible experience for both partners involved. So get out there and explore – happy playing!

What is the difference between a suction cup and a suction base?

At first glance, suction cups and suction bases may seem similar, but in reality, they are two distinct products that serve different purposes.

A suction cup is a device with a flat circular base and a protruding handle that creates an airtight seal when placed on a smooth surface. It’s typically used to attach objects to walls or other surfaces for storage or display purposes. For example, you could use one to hang up a picture frame or poster without having to worry about nails or screws damaging the wall.

On the other hand, a suction base is designed for much heavier applications than its counterpart. The base features multiple large suction cups that can be attached to various surfaces such as walls, countertops, and furniture pieces.

In contrast to regular suction cups, this product is able to support much larger objects due to its increased weight capacity and improved grip strength.

An example of where you might find this type of product would be in a kitchen setting where it’s used to securely hold heavy pots and pans during cooking activities.

In conclusion, while both products use similar technology in order to secure items on surfaces they are ultimately designed for different functions; one being light duty applications while the other is intended for heavier uses.

How do I clean and store my dildo?

The importance of properly cleaning and storing your dildo cannot be overstated. Not only does cleaning help ensure that your dildo remains a safe and hygienic toy, but it can also help keep it in good condition for longer so you get more pleasure out of it. Here are our top tips on how to clean and store your dildo:

Cleaning: Start by washing the dildo with warm water and mild soap or an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach as they can damage the material. If you’re using a vibrator, make sure you remove the batteries before cleaning. Rinse off any soap residue with warm water, then pat dry with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.

Storing: Once your dildo is clean, let it air-dry completely before storing away. Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight or moisture to prevent discoloration or fading of materials like silicone, rubber and latex. If possible, store each toy separately in its own container – this will keep it dust-free and protected from other objects that may cause scratches or nicks to the material.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced user, these simple steps will ensure that your dildo stays in great shape so you can enjoy it for many years to come!

What types of anal stimulation can I achieve with a dildo?

If you’re looking to explore anal stimulation, a dildo is a great tool to use. Anal stimulation can be an incredibly pleasurable experience, and with the right dildo it can become even more enjoyable. Dildos offer a variety of ways to stimulate your anus, from light pressure and massage to deep penetration.

When using a dildo for anal play, it’s important to start slow and use plenty of lube. When inserting the dildo into your anus, make sure to go at your own pace and stop if you feel any pain or discomfort.

It’s also important to choose the right size for your body — something that won’t be too big or too small.

Once properly inserted, there are several types of anal stimulation you can achieve with a dildo:

1. Light Pressure and Massage – Start by lightly pressing the tip of the dildo against your anus in circular motions. You can increase both speed and pressure as desired while exploring what feels good for you. This technique is great for those who are new to anal play as it allows you to gradually get used to the sensation before moving on to deeper penetration.

2. Thrusting – For those looking for more intense sensations, thrusting is an excellent option. Begin by slowly pushing the dildo into your anus while keeping track of how it feels inside you — this will help inform how fast or slow you should go and how much pressure you should apply during thrusts. As always keep communication open with yourself or your partner about what feels good (or not so good) in order to stay safe and comfortable during playtime!

3. Prostate Stimulation – If you’re looking for even more intense pleasure then prostate stimulation could be just what you need! Since the prostate is located behind the rectum wall, using a curved shaped dildo makes it easier access this sensitive spot and provide direct stimulation when inserted correctly (make sure not to insert anything too deeply). Once in place, repeat light pressure strokes or gentle thrusting until orgasmic bliss ensues!

All in all, there are many different types of anal stimulation that can be achieved with a dildo depending on what kind of pleasure experience you seek out — just remember that communication between partners (or within yourself!) is key when exploring any type of sexual activity, especially when involving anal play!

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